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DESC9090 - Audio Systems and Measurement
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning - 6 credit points
HECS Band two
EFTSL: 0.125000000
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Department: Architecture Faculty
Offered session(s): 2
Assumed knowledge: DESC9138
Teacher/Coordinator: Assoc Prof William Martens

Classes: Lectures 10 x 3hrs, Labs 3 x 3hrs (and continued lab projects)

Assessment: 1x1200 word report (35%) 1x2000 word report (50%), participation (15%)

Students will learn to make and understand a wide range of acoustical and electroacoustical measurements, assessed through laboratory work; students will learn major aspects of sound system design, assessed through project work; students will work in small groups in laboratory and project work; Audio Systems and Measurement will develop knowledge and practical skills in electroacoustics; and the laboratory and project work will extend thinking and personal skills, so that students can apply the unit content to new situations.
Upon completing Audio Systems and Measurement, students will be expected to understand the implementation and limitations of a wide range of acoustical measurement techniques, such as sound pressure, sound intensity, sound power, source directivity, reverberation, intelligibility, echo interference, subjective quality, and component distortion. Students will also be expected to be able to design sound reinforcement systems, and to model system performance using various theoretical techniques.
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