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EDMT6614 - Mathematics Curriculum 3 (Extension)
Faculty of Education and Social Work - 6 credit points
HECS Band seven
EFTSL: 0.125000000
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Department: Faculty of Education and Social Work
Offered session(s): 1
Corequisites: EDMT6613
Prerequisites: 48 credit points of Master of Teaching units including (EDMT5613, EDMT5614, EDMT5663 and EDMT5664)
Teacher/Coordinator: Assoc Professor Judy Anderson

Classes: 1x4-hrs/wk for 8 wks

Assessment: 3000wd assignment (50%) and 3000wd essay (50%)

This third extension unit of study for student teachers doing double mathematics method aims to enrich knowledge, skills and understanding of calculus-based mathematics courses in the senior secondary years of schooling, and provide an examination of various successful approaches to teaching, learning and assessing. By exploring particular topics from the higher-level calculus-based courses, student teachers will design units of work and present research-based teaching ideas to their peers. The impact of high-stakes assessment on students' motivation and engagement in school mathematics will be considered. By collecting samples of alternative assessment tasks, student teachers will evaluate the efficacy of using similar alternatives to provide constructive feedback to students about their knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematics. Self-theories and views of 'ability' will be considered in relation to the development of school students' mathematical identities. The development of a mathematical identity and its impact on choices to continue to study mathematics in the senior years of schooling and beyond will be investigated. The impact of linguistic, social and cultural backgrounds will be highlighted from the research literature with further discussions about the types of social norms frequently established in mathematics classrooms.
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