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EDMT6613 - Mathematics Curriculum 3
Faculty of Education and Social Work - 6 credit points
HECS Band seven
EFTSL: 0.125000000
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Department: Faculty of Education and Social Work
Offered session(s): 1
Prerequisites: 48 credit points of Master of Teaching units including (EDMT5613, EDMT5663)
Teacher/Coordinator: Assoc Prof Judy Anderson

Classes: 2x2-hrs/wk for 8 wks

Assessment: 3000wd presentation and summary (50%) and 3000wd resource portfolio (50%)

This is the third unit of study for both single and double mathematics method student teachers. The focus of this unit of study is a detailed examination of the syllabus documents for the senior secondary students enrolled in mathematics courses for the Higher School Certificate in NSW (HSC). For each of the syllabus documents, the aims, objectives, content, course requirements and key terms will be examined and used to plan, program and develop appropriate teaching strategies as well as learning and assessment tasks for key mathematics concepts. For all of the mathematics courses offered in the senior school, student teachers will evaluate and design learning and assessment tasks using a range of resources as well as plan and program lesson sequences to differentiate learning and support the development of deeper understandings of challenging mathematics concepts including calculus. Retention of students beyond the compulsory years of schooling (Year 10) will be examined to identify issues associated with students' motivation and engagement to continue the study of mathematics. Career choice limitations will be discussed to explore ways the continued learning of mathematics and mathematics and science careers can be promoted in schools.
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