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EDMT6501 - Professional Experiences 2
Faculty of Education and Social Work - 4 credit points
HECS Band seven
EFTSL: 0.083333333
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Department: Faculty of Education and Social Work
Offered session(s): 1, 2
Department permission required for enrolment in the following session(s): 2
Prerequisites: EDMT5503 and EDMT5500 and EDMT5502 and one of: EDMT5652, EDMT5654, EDMT5655, EDMT5657, EDMT5658, EDMT5659, EDMT5660, EDMT5661, EDMT5663, EDMT5667, EDMT5669, EDMT5672, EDMT5673 OR EDMT5503 and EDMT5500 and EDMT5502 and EDMT5535 and EDMT5536
Teacher/Coordinator: Dr Di Bloomfield

Classes: block mode (20 days)

Assessment: 1 x 20 days professional experience (100%)

Students undertake their second Professional Experience of 20 days in a secondary or primary school in the second year of the program. During the practicum students are assigned to one or more Cooperating Teachers in a single discipline area and will be responsible for teaching one or more classes for a total of between 12 and 16 lesson periods per week. The Cooperating Teachers will closely support their work in the school and in discussion with the Tertiary Mentor will be responsible for writing the report on the Professional Experience that will form the basis of the assessment in the enrolled unit of study. Assessment is aligned with the NSW Institute of Teachers' Professional Teaching Standards for the Graduate Teacher.
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