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EDMT5535 - Science and Technology K-6
Faculty of Education and Social Work - 4 credit points
HECS Band seven
EFTSL: 0.083333333
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Department: Faculty of Education and Social Work
Offered session(s): 2
Prerequisites: EDMT5500
Teacher/Coordinator: Christine Preston

Classes: 1x1-hr lecture/wk for 7 weeks and 1x 2-hr workshop for 8 weeks

Assessment: 1x essay (20%) and 1x lesson plan (30%) and 1x development of a mini unit of work (50%)

Through an examination of the two main learning processes Investigating Scientifically, and Design and Make this unit considers issues, strategies and resources relevant to the teaching of Science and Technology in the K-6 curriculum. The unit will consider aspects of: 1) lesson planning in science and technology, 2) the selection/development of learning experiences and resources which promote children's acquisition of the learning processes in science and technology, 3) planning units of work to support children's development of scientific concepts, 4) supporting the development of children's scientific literacy and numeracy, 5) organising and managing classrooms to promote students' learning in science and technology.
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