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BIOL3016 - Coral Reef Biology
Faculty of Science - 6 credit points
HECS Band six
Domestic Fee: $3,900
International Fee: $4,500
EFTSL: 0.125000000
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Department: Biological Sciences
Offered session(s): 107
Department permission required for enrolment in the following session(s): 107
Prerequisites: 12 credit points from Intermediate science units of study which must include at least 6 credit points of BIOL units; or 6 credit points of BIOL and one of ENVI (2111 or 2911) or GEOS (2115 or 2915).
Prohibitions: BIOL3916, NTMP3001
Classes: Fieldwork 80 hours block mode.

Assessment: Participation in field work, essay, project report and an exam (100%)

Coral Reef Biology is an intensive unit held at a research station on the Great Barrier Reef. The unit focuses on the dominant taxa in coral reef environments and the linkages between them. Emphasis is placed on the biological adaptations for life in tropical waters and the ecological, oceanographic and physiological processes involved. Aspects covered include: processes influencing the distribution of coral reefs, symbiosis, reef connectivity, lagoon systems, nutrient cycling and the impacts of climate change and other anthropogenic pressures on the world's corals reefs.9-16 July 2012
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