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BIOL3907 - Ecology (Advanced)
Faculty of Science - 6 credit points
HECS Band six
Domestic Fee: $4,110
International Fee: $4,680
EFTSL: 0.125000000
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Department: Biological Sciences
Offered session(s): 2
Assumed knowledge: Although not prerequisites, knowledge obtained from BIOL3006/3906, and BIOL3008/3908 and/or BIOL3009/3909, is strongly recommended. Students entering this unit of study should have achieved Distinction average.
Prerequisites: Distinction average in 12 credit points of Intermediate Biology; or 6 credit points of Intermediate Biology and one of (ENVI2111 or ENVI2911) or (GEOS2115 or GEOS2915).
Prohibitions: BIOL3007
Teacher/Coordinator: Assoc Prof D Hochuli

Classes: See BIOL3007

Assessment: 1x2hr exam, presentations, 1xessay, 1xproject report (100%)

Textbooks: As for BIOL3007
This unit has the same objectives as BIOL3007 Ecology, and is suitable for students who wish to pursue certain aspects in greater depth. Entry is restricted, and selection is made from the applicants on the basis of their previous performance. Students taking this unit of study participate in alternatives to some elements of the standard course and will be encouraged to pursue the objectives by more independent means in a series of research tutorials. Specific details of this unit of study and assessment will be announced in meetings with students in week 1 of semester 2. This unit of study may be taken as part of the BSc (Advanced) program.
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