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DESC9164 - Light Sources and Luminaires
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning - 6 credit points
HECS Band two
EFTSL: 0.125000000
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Department: Architecture Faculty
Offered session(s): 5
Prerequisites: DESC9072 or DESC9166
Prohibitions: DESC9063
Teacher/Coordinator: Prof Warren Julian

Classes: Lectures and demonstrations in four day intensive mode (9am-5pm)

Assessment: Two assignments (2x50%)

The objectives of this unit are to understand the major light source families; the performance properties of lamps; the various methods of light control; and the design, testing and manufacture of luminaires.
The various methods employed in the production of light and the performance criteria applied to the sources are discussed. Topics covered include: a historical outline of the development of sources; the practical requirements of light sources; black-body radiation; the sun; the sky; gaseous discharges; electro-luminescence; chemiluminescence; incandescent lamps; the halogen cycle; fluorescence; tubular fluorescent lamps; various high pressure and low pressure discharge lamps. Practical lamps are discussed in terms of luminous efficacy, spectral output, colour rendering, life, supply requirements, control gear, cost, etc.
The design, manufacture, testing and the provision of data on luminaires are discussed. Topics covered include: the requirements of luminaires; methods of light control; the properties of optical systems; refractors; reflectors and diffusers; luminance control techniques; manufacture of luminaires and auxiliaries; codes and provision of photometric data for indoor and outdoor luminaires; the calculation of utilisation factors; luminaire luminances; computerised testing; machine readable photometric data.
Laboratory exercises will demonstrate some lamp characteristics and luminaires are photometered and photometric data calculated.
Upon successful completion of this unit the student will know the bases of light production and the characteristics of practical lamps, how luminaires operate, how to design reflector systems and relevant safety and other standards. Students will discover some of the outcomes through laboratory exercises and will demonstrate them in the assignments and examination.This unit of study is offered in odd numbered years only
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