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PLAN9061 - Planning Principles, Systems & Practice
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning - 6 credit points
HECS Band two
EFTSL: 0.125000000
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Department: Architecture Faculty
Offered session(s): 1, 9
Prohibitions: PLAN9020, PLAN9044
Teacher/Coordinator: Assoc Prof Nicole Gurran

Classes: Four day intensive (9am-5pm)

Assessment: There are three written assessment items (100%). These are based on current case studies in the Sydney metropolitan area, and may be used for a portfolio of professional work.

This unit aims to prepare you for professional practice as a strategic or development assessment planner. It focuses on social, economic and environmental principles for contemporary planning practice; the systems for land use planning and environmental management in Australia, and the practice of statutory planning and development assessment in NSW.
By the end of this unit of study you will: understand the social, economic, and environmental principles underpinning contemporary planning practice; appreciate key legal and institutional processes for environmental planning in Australia and internationally; be familiar with the various planning state, regional, and local planning instruments in NSW, and understand when and how they apply to planning proposals. You will also be able to assess the social, economic, and environmental impacts of basic planning proposals, and justify these recommendations in professional planning reports. In preparing for professional practice you will gain an understanding of the principles, techniques and requirements for public participation in environmental planning and assessment; and the ethical responsibilities of land use planners, including respect for diversity and the importance of social equity, in guiding decision making processes and assessing planning proposals.Enrolment numbers limited by teaching resources. If your attempt to enrol online is unsuccessful please contact the Faculty of Architecture Student Administration Centre. Permission required in Semester One unless enrolled in Urban and Regional Planning.
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