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ARCH9060 - Urban Design Report
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning - 12 credit points
HECS Band two
EFTSL: 0.250000000
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Department: Architecture Faculty
Offered session(s): 1, 2
Department permission required for enrolment in the following session(s): 1, 2
Prerequisites: 48 credit points incuding ARCH9001
Prohibitions: ARCH9031, ARCH9045, ARCH9046, PLAN9010, PLAN9011, PLAN9018
Teacher/Coordinator: Dr Lee Stickells

Classes: Research under academic supervision

Assessment: Urban design report approx 10000 to 15000 words (100%).

The Urban Design Report is a substantial project involving research conducted over one semester. It will usually take the form of an illustrated report (between 10000 and 15000 words) on an approved urban design subject of the student’s choice. The subject may be of a practical bent (e.g. review or preparation of an urban design project) or more theoretical (e.g. review of a conceptual viewpoint), or it may occupy the middle ground (e.g. exploration of a contemporary issue or review/testing of a method). If of a more practical nature, its theoretical underpinning should be explicit. If more theoretical, it should refer to its practical implications. The report is an opportunity to advance knowledge and skills in a particular area of urban design and so develop a "professional edge".
The aim of the Report is to enhance abilities and knowledge essential to the practice of urban design.
These include the abilities to: define and address a practical or theoretical urban design problem; conduct such a project in an acceptable investigatory manner; think critically about the subject; identify, access and use appropriate and up-to-date information sources, including relevant theory and methods; and present the report, including appropriate illustrations, in a manner that shows both academic and professional competence. The report must demonstrate these features.
Permission to continue the Urban Design Report is subject to the approval of a satisfactory research proposal by week 3 of the semester in which the student is enrolled.
The Urban Design report is to be submitted by the end of the first week of the formal examination period for the semester in which the student is enrolled.Submit an Independent Study Approval Form, signed by your proposed supervisor, with your request to enrol. This unit is for Masters students in an Urban Design stream only.
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