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BIOL3018 - Gene Technology and Genomics
Faculty of Science - 6 credit points
HECS Band six
Domestic Fee: $4,110
International Fee: $4,680
EFTSL: 0.125000000
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Department: Biological Sciences
Offered session(s): 1
Prerequisites: 12 credit points from MBLG2071, MBLG2971, MBLG2072, MBLG2972 and Intermediate Biology units. For BMedSc students: either (a) 12 credit points from MBLG2071/2971, MBLG2072/2972 and Intermediate Biology units OR (b) 12 credit points of Intermediate BMED units, including BMED2802
Prohibitions: BIOL3918
Teacher/Coordinator: A/Prof Neville Firth

Classes: 2x1 hr lectures/week, 1x3 hr practical/week.

Assessment: 2 hr exam (60%), assignments (40%)

A unit of study with lectures, practicals and tutorials on the application of recombinant DNA technology and the genetic manipulation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Lectures cover the applications of molecular genetics in biotechnology and consider the impact and implications of genetic engineering and genomics. Topics include biological sequence data and databases, comparative genomics, the cloning and expression of foreign genes in bacteria, yeast, animal and plant cells, novel human and animal therapeutics and vaccines, new diagnostic techniques for human and veterinary disease, the transformation of animal and plant cells, the genetic engineering of animals and plants, and the environmental release of genetically-modified (transgenic) organisms. Practical work may include nucleic acid isolation and manipulation, gene cloning and PCR amplification, DNA sequencing and bioinformatics, immunological detection of proteins, and the genetic transformation and assay of plants.
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