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LNGS7006 - Cross-Cultural Communication
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences - 6 credit points
HECS Band one
EFTSL: 0.125000000
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Department: Linguistics
Offered session(s): 2, 11
Department permission required for enrolment in the following session(s): 2
Teacher/Coordinator: Dr Jane Simpson

Classes: 2 hours per wk

Assessment: Assignments totalling 5000 words, including a group research project

Textbooks: Holliday, A., M. Hyde, et al. (2004). Inter-cultural communication: an advanced resource book. London, Routledge. A reader with additional readings will be made available.
In today's globalized and multicultural societies, cross-cultural communication is common enough. Even so, it continues to be a challenge, both for people who engage in cross-cultural communication on a daily basis, and for researchers trying to describe and understand it. In this unit of study we will consider a variety of discourse-analytic approaches to studying cross-cultural communication, including conversation analysis, speech act theory, interactional sociolinguistics, the ethnography of communication, and critical discourse analysis. In our analyses of actual samples of cross-cultural communication we will pay particular attention to the social positioning of participants in an interaction, and the ways how social relationships (particularly of power and intimacy) between participants are reflected in their linguistic practices. The course will end with exploring applied perspectives, particularly on cross-cultural communication in educational, courtroom and workplace interactions.
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